Episode 1
Clients From Hell Teaser
Episode 2
CFH2: A Series Of Tubes
Episode 3
CFH3: Speaking My Language
Episode 4
CFH 4: Payday Mayday
Episode 5
CFH: Christmas Special
Episode 6
CFH6: Getting Paid Dick
Episode 7
CFH7: Anger Issues
Episode 8
CFH9: Internet Cash
Episode 9
CFH 9: Being Resourceful


  • ROLE: Director Of Photography
  • CLIENT: Clients From Hell
  • TASK: Web Series
  • DATE: 2012


A collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers. clientsfromhell.net/

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Written + Directed by Bryce Bladon
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[tumblr] brycebladon.tumblr.com/
[site] brycebladon.com/

Produced by TGK Films
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Adam Beauchesne
[YouTube] youtube.com/user/Beauch87
Jason Beaudoin
[twitter] twitter.com/#!/thejbeau
[IMDB] imdb.com/name/nm2765843/
Monica Hamburg
[twitter] twitter.com/#!/monicahamburg
[Podcast] rantmehard.com/
[blog] yourdoseoflunacy.com/
Adam Boys
[twitter] twitter.com/#!/theadamboys
William Reggler
Mattew Graham
[IMDB] imdb.com/name/nm3716343/
Lisa Hughes
[facebook] facebook.com/lisahughesactor
Matt Hamilton
[twitter] twitter.com/#!/mattwhammer
Susan McCord
[YouTube] youtube.com/twobeavers
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[site] sybersue.com/
[talk show] yinyangtalk.com/
Andy Yu
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[facebook] facebook.com/N.Dee.U
Sidika Larbes
Gracey Dove
Emilee Juliette
[twitter] twitter.com/#!/emilee_juliette
Aaron McCallum


Assistant Director: Megan Russell
[twitter] twitter.com/#!/megannrussell
First Camera Assistant: Jenn Rowe
Sound: Zach Cressman